Easton School System is committed to providing all students with varied opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and a love of learning in order to reach their ultimate potential.


Vision Statement

 All citizens of Easton School System will work together to ensure that:

 * Learning opportunities promote student success and the development of an appreciation for lifelong learning.

 * Learning opportunities incorporate individual learning styles and a variety of instructional methods.

 * Professional development opportunities are meaningful and result in improved teacher effectiveness and increased student achievement.

 * Local resources are used to foster school improvement and support student growth.

 * Curriculum strives to integrate subject areas, technology, and students' aspirations.

 * Students develop healthy relationship skills through reflection and communication

 * Students are actively engaged in meaningful and practical learning opportunities.


      School improvement is an ongoing process requiring the entire educational community to make a commitment to reflect, evaluate and update school programs.  Easton School System will work closely with the community, teachers and students to achieve maximum student performance by utilizing the advantages of a small school.  Course offerings will be selected with the aim of broadening the curriculum scope while integrating disciplines, flexible scheduling and 21st century skills.


2013-2014 District Report Card

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